23rd Annual PBI Employment Law Institute, Philadelphia, 4/27/17-4/28/17

Lisa Matukaitis will serve as faculty for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s 23rd Annual Employment Law Institute being held in Philadelphia on April 27 and 28, 2017.  Joining two other employment attorneys, the panel will speak on:

Unique Employment Issues in Litigating Against Public Employers

Mention an employment claim against a public entity and many employment law practitioners cringe.  Suing municipalities, school districts, and governmental entities can bring added layers of difficulty, including 11th Amendment immunity defenses, limitations on damages, and exceptions embedded in laws and regulations.  At the same time, employees of governmental entities often enjoy higher levels of rights than do private sector employees.  Our balanced panel will demystify these issues so you can effectively represent your clients in the pursuit or defense of employment-based claims against federal, state, local municipalities, and school districts.

Register for the course at www.pbi.org


Reaves v. Pennsylvania State Police

Reaves v. Pennsylvania State Police, 2013 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 137948, (M.D. Pa., September 26, 2013) brief submitted by Lisa Matukaitis for the Plaintiff, Federal Court denies Pennsylvania State Police’s Motion in Limine; Court refuses to preclude the use of statements made by PSP’s attorney, Tara Patterson for impeachment during the cross-examination of PSP’s witness including answers to interrogatories and a position statement submitted to the EEOC.